April 2012

Our New Zealand based client obtained a civil Judgement in the New Zealand District Court in 2003 ordering a subject to pay him around $140,000 plus interest and costs. Shortly before Judgement was issued the subject began divesting herself of assets and wealth and an elaborate endeavour was engaged to change her identity to avoid enforcement of the Court orders.

After extensive enquiries in New Zealand the ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS team uncovered evidence proving the subject had transferred her wealth to family members to avoid compliance with the order and her whereabouts has been confirmed.

Action is now underway to ‘freeze’ the located assets and execute the Court Judgement.

March 2012

An Auckland family client concerned over aspects of a family member’s behaviour instructed ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS to conduct a period of intensive surveillance on the subject.

The surveillance results answered the previously unanswered questions they had over the behavioural concerns and peace of mind was achieved.

February 2012

A New Zealand family client enlisted assistance from ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS when their daughter and grandchildren became embroiled in a custody battle between husband and wife in a Middle Eastern country.

Extensive enquiries were necessary in New Zealand to collect and preserve evidence that could be used in the foreign jurisdiction where the custody issues were being challenged and decided.

This case is ongoing and it has attracted significant international media attention.

January 2012

Our Chinese based food export and processing company client obtained a civil Judgement against their former Sales Managers in the United States for US$4,000.000 after a series of lengthy and complicated civil court cases. The circumstances involved serious fraud and theft issues but by the time the proceedings were complete the guilty party had absconded from both the US and Chinese jurisdictions and it was suspected that they may have established a ‘bolt haven’ in New Zealand for themselves and their unlawfully acquired assets.

After extensive enquiries in New Zealand the ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS team uncovered evidence proving the subjects had established themselves here and action is now underway to secure their assets and further investigate aspects of their immigration status.

January 2012

Our NZ family client had become estranged from their son who had serious health issues and they required discreet sensitive enquiries to be made around New Zealand to determine his whereabouts and well being.

Extensive enquiries around the country by the ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS team resulted in the location of the son who by this time was in at a remote location in a very poor state of health.

The family were then able to arrange for appropriate care.

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