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CCTV – Covert and Overt

Our Security Consultants can advise on the equipment that will best suit your needs. This will be done with sensitivity and discreetness.

ADVANCED understands the need for businesses and individuals to have access to overt or covert video equipment. Covert hidden cameras can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and/or business.

We are able to undertake covert camera deployments into any environment. Installing a covert camera can assist with monitoring staff behaviour or capturing proof of specific dishonesty practices within the workplace.

  • Overt CCTV will deter employee misconduct and bad behaviour.
  • All supplied CCTV equipment is warranted and of excellent quality.
  • System upgrades can be designed for clients’ specific requirements.
  • Installations are completed by experienced NZ Government Licensed Technicians.