Insurance and serious fraud investigations

Insurance investigation

ADVANCED is able to assist in researching and verifying the information relating to insurance claims. We undertake investigations, assessments and scene examinations throughout New Zealand. Our team comprises a combination of investigators and assessors with extensive industry experience and investigative skills. Our reports are objective, factual and address all the issues relevant to the matter instructed.We believe our reporting procedures differentiate us from other insurance investigation and assessment companies.Claimant interviews are cost effective and accurate because they are recorded on digital video allowing Claims Managers the ability to quickly view the situation and assess the ‘people aspects’ of an insurance investigation.
Historic delays in reporting are now a matter of the past, electronic file management allows for immediate access to the investigation interviews via the web. Scene examinations are now immediately recorded on video and downloaded to the file which allows other experts an early opportunity to establish the value of the anticipated claim.Where there are strong indicators of Insurance Fraud, our Investigators will actively encourage dishonest claimants to confess and withdraw gracefully thus reducing the need for expensive long winded litigation.However, accurate preservation of evidence is paramount during all our investigations to ensure the integrity of the investigation should it ever become the subject of legal scrutiny.

During the reporting stage, emphasis is placed on the following points:

  • Insurer documentation
  • Claims history
  • Circumstances
  • Fraud Indicators
  • Examination and canvass of scene
  • Police / driving history
  • Examination of financial records
  • Non disclosure
  • Database searches
  • Follow up systems

Serious Fraud investigation

ADVANCED brings considerable expertise in both internal investigations and the handling of fraud and corruption cases across all sectors. Our investigators are experienced in handling fraud and corruption cases objectively and discreetly to mitigate further risk to your investigation. With over 30 years experience we are able to assist through all stages of an investigation to reach an effective outcome.

Via our investigative network, ADVANCED can access a wide range of sources that may not be available internally, such as past employees, competitors and other relevant parties.

Often investigations of this nature can be limited because of privacy legislation.

At ADVANCED, we are experienced in making applications for search warrants to be issued as and when necessary when criminal matters are under enquiry.

We have experience assisting Solicitors and Barristers executing Court Orders such as freezing orders and search orders and obtaining detailed witness and suspect statements are our speciality.

ADVANCED can provide assistance and advice on a number of fraud issues, including minimisation of fraud and its impact on an agency, promotion of fraud detection, awareness and prevention, detection and investigations of alleged fraud, prosecution and appropriate disciplinary action.