Electronic attack

Electronic advances mean various listening devices are readily available and they are easily disguised. Miniature cameras with image and voice recording ability are the new tools of the business and industrial espionage ‘spy’ or the disenchanted employee who is determined upon seeking revenge or wreaking havoc on a business.

The voice and image recording ability of modern cell phones, the iPhone and the iPad mean private and confidential discussions are ‘out the door’ unless important basic strategies are followed.

These tools allow determined industrial spies and others who are that way inclined оформить займ на карту без отказа срочно, the ability to ‘bug’ and tap into confidential discussions from anywhere in the world unless the appropriate preventative measures are taken.

Often an electronic attack will be made on a business or home with the most basic of technology and it can be as successful as using the latest ‘Spymaster’ techniques.

For complete peace of mind, the ADVANCED team can ‘sweep’ your location and check for the presence of ‘eavesdropping’ and ‘filming’ devices using highly sophisticated electronic detection equipment and an expert physical search team.

ADVANCED can check your business, home, vehicle, telephone lines and/or mobile phone communications.

Our resident Technical Electronic Search Manager known as ‘Mr Bug-Man’ is ex-NZ Police and has extensive technical experience. For operational reasons he cannot be openly identified but he can seek out and dismantle any devices found and can provide advice on how best to protect yourself or your business from future ‘attacks’.

Using state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures equipment, applied trade-craft, and a thorough physical search, Mr Bug-Man and his trained team of Ex-Police Detectives will sweep the entire radio spectrum and the area concerned for clandestine transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, voice recorders, and phone taps.

Upon completion of the sweep, ADVANCED will seal the appropriate areas that were examined and provide a comprehensive report outlining their findings and will immediately advise you of the necessary security measures that need to be implemented.