Loss prevention

It is estimated that retail crime costs New Zealand about $580 million annually that is a staggering $1.59 million a day.

Loss prevention is all about identifying loss patterns, removing opportunities for theft and ensuring safe working environments which in turn minimises loss from all sources.

There are two types of ‘shrinkage’ – ‘External’ and ‘internal’ theft:

External theft:
ADVANCED can conduct on-site Staff training, teaching techniques that enable staff to spot odd or suspicious behaviour in customers. The Loss Prevention training includes teaching staff how to then gather evidence when a crime has been committed. The training is sufficient to empower Staff to enable them to safely apprehend shop lifters and then call for back up services from the Police and or from Advanced Investigators. ADVANCED will react immediately with competent Security backup to apprehend prolific shoplifters and support your staff.
Internal theft
Is the most dangerous to a company’s bottom line. This is where an employee begins stealing money or merchandise from their employer. In a similar way to shoplifters, warning signs should be looked for and alarm bells will ring. If an employee is showing any of these signs, an employee theft investigation should be conducted. This is where ADVANCED can help.

In very simple terms, all businesses need a simple yet comprehensive Loss Prevention Programme to ensure the profitability of the business. It is very important to have clear Operational Policies and Procedures in place within your business, and to ensure your staffs has been thoroughly trained in all of these areas.

The warning indicators are: sudden changes in staff personality, evidence of people living beyond their obvious means, numerous and sudden overseas travel, domestic and marriage problems, obvious drug and alcohol use, behavioural pattern changes, sudden unreliability, unexplained absenteeism.

ADVANCED can help with planning, implementing and training of Loss Prevention strategies.

Honest decent employees often find it difficult to confidentially communicate their concerns and their observations of the actions of a dishonest staff member.

ADVANCED has a 0800 ETHICS number (0800 384 427) that can be sign posted within your organisation to enable honest staff the communication means to pass important information on a confidential basis.