Intimidation / threats

Definition of INTIMIDATE (transitive verb)

  • To make timid or fearful : frighten; especially: to compel or deter by or as if by threats.
Threats come in many forms and can include aspects of violence, stalking, intimidation, bullying, verbal harassment and more recently cyber and text bullying. This threatening behaviour can come from a spouse, a co-worker, or even a neighbour.It is not uncommon for ‘criminal debt collectors’ such as drug dealers and or gang members to frighten people to coerce them into paying money or to prevent them from telling the authorities about serious criminal activity.

Here at ADVANCED, our Investigators will work with you to establish where they are coming from (if unknown). We will then carefully analyse the risks and make a professional assessment.

We can then work on how to safely and effectively ensure the behaviour ceases. If necessary, the appropriate protective strategies can be implemented.We have had years of real experience dealing with situations involving intimidation and threats and the outcomes have always been positive.

Please call ADVANCED in total confidence and we will assist you through this difficult time. We understand the nature of intimidation, so you have our guarantee that your matter will be dealt with in the utmost confidence, compassion and sensitivity.