Site security surveys

A variety of factors can prompt a security-site survey, including new construction, the start of a new operation within an institutional or commercial facility, or a response to threats or suspicions of unlawful activity.

Regardless of the primary instigating factor, the main purpose of a site survey is to ensure the organisation’s existing security programme is adequately protecting the organisation and its assets and to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current security in place.

A step by step process for performing a site security survey includes (but is not limited to):

  • Detailing the description of the site;
  • Examining existing security systems;
  • Current Communications infrastructure; and
  • Any Regulatory requirements (this depends on the industry).

Here at ADVANCED we can conduct a comprehensive site survey, systematically assessing the risk and vulnerability of the organisation, and provide a complete report detailing the necessary remedial requirements.

Criminals do not usually advertise that they are about to attack a business or home location and we therefore find our most effective survey or audit tool is to initiate a undercover operation to test a client’s existing systems.

The results of such an operation are not always pleasant but the remedial upgrades usually prevent unpleasant future surprises!