January/February 2012

Two major commercial Auckland based clients dealing with sensitive business development issues had the ADVANCED TECHNICAL TEAM conduct an electronic and physical search of their corporate office locations for the presence of electronic interception devices.

Although no such devices were located we were able to advise on future strategies to protect sensitive material that was found to be vulnerable.

December 2011

Our overseas based client was involved in a contractual dispute with a former business partner and it was suspected that the subject was performing as a presenter on the New Zealand conference circuit in breach of agreements previously made in another country.

The ADVANCED TEAM were required to covertly capture images and sound of a 2 1/2 hour conference presentation then transmit the performance overseas immediately upon completion of the presentation.

When the client examined the result he received ‘peace of mind’ as there was no evidence of any contractual breach.

November 2011

Unlike many independent investigation companies we work with and assist other investigation businesses with serious and complex investigations involving theft and fraud.

Our competitors trust our integrity to the extent that they realise we will not jeopardise their relationship with their client at the time nor at any time in the future.

The ADVANCED TEAM assisted a competitor to conduct a serious theft/fraud investigation that resulted in numerous dismissals of staff for theft of scrap metal and related products.

November 2011

Our overseas commercial client was embroiled in a multimillion dollar civil proceeding where it was suspected that a New Zealand born person who was about to give important evidence where credibility was paramount, had a serious criminal past when he had been resident in New Zealand.

The ADVANCED TEAM was engaged to conduct extensive investigations into the subjects past and we were able to lawfully produce evidence of the prospective witnesses criminal history in New Zealand which was insignificant but it did dispel the exaggerated rumours that had been flying around prior to the investigation.

Our client won his case and received a multimillion dollar Judgement in his favour.

October 2011

Our family client had believed for many years that her mother, whom she had not known, had been a famous New Zealand aviator and she requested ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS to make extensive enquiries to trace and prove her lineage.

Extensive enquiries proved her suspicions were incorrect which was upsetting for the client but the happy part of the result was the discovery and introduction of a previously unknown half sister who was living in the same city.

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